Return/Refund policy

 购物必看 贴心服务跟随您


      即使您对购买不完全满意,我们仍希望您在 购物时感到快乐和 100% 安全。

  •  售后天数:物流信息交付至发货平台起15天,或收到物流签收后10天
  • 运输方式:订单下单后,同一订单产品可能会分多个不
  • 下单前请确认好地址及产品相关信息,由于系统实时排单,下单后无法取消订单
  • 因商品破损及其他质量问题,导致不能使用或严重影响商品使用功能的,在售后期内反馈至售后客服,经核实后,我们会重新配送新的产品给您,如果店铺没有库存,那么做退款处理,货款将原路退回
  • 您可以在收到商品后 10天内以未磨损的状态退回商品,包括带有原始标签的制造商包装盒.任何退货须未磨损或未使用,并且保持原始状态和包装
  • 清仓品提供优惠的价格,它们不能享有免费退货,这不会影响您的法定权利。


We want you to feel happy and 100% secure about shopping with If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase

  • After-Sales Days:15days from the delivery of logistics information to the shipping  Platform, or 10 days after the logistics signature is received
  • Shipping Method:the same order may be divided into multiple Parcels with logistics providers are being sent out  after a order is placed,
  • Confirm the address and product-related information before placing an order,the system schedules the order in real time, the order cannot be canceled after the order
  • You can return your merchandise in unworn condition including the manufacturer's box with original tags in 10days after your recevied .any returns must be unworn or unused and in their original condition and packaging
  • You will receive a refund by the same method as you paid once we received the product and processed your return,or if you have opted for an exchange, your new order will be dispatched.
  •  Contact to after-sales customer service if it have falutnd that cannot be used or seriously affects the functionality of the product during the after-sales period, we send the goods to you again.or retun your money  by the same method as you paid  if we have no store.
  • We offer fantastic prices on our clearance line and they are not eligible for free returns. This does not affect your statutory rights.